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18 December 2019

Buenos Aires Bakery


It was a massive feeling of guilt that finally inspired coming inside Roosevelt Avenue mainstay Buenos Aires Bakery. On other days and other visits nearby, there was never room for even one of the shop's delicious alfajores. But after a destination fell through recently, it was time to enjoy some empanadas and mate cocido.

The corner space is tight, you immediately are surrounded by stacks of bread and cookies. Towering above are thermoses with River Plate and Boca Juniors emblazoned on the side, Argentina's two biggest football clubs. Blue and white tiles behind the counter use the colors from Argentina's flag to create the feeling.

If there are others waiting, make sure to take a mental note of who came before you. There is really no way to form a line, and you will want to circulate as much as possible to get a view of what is in each case. If you have ever been to nearby places like La Nueva Bakery or the shops further south in Elmhurst you can get a sense of what you might find here, but the bakery is a treat and has a couple unique items.

Unfortunately no inquiry was made about the slice of pie below ($2.50), a firm wedge of buttery crust, hard cheese, and dulce de membrillo which tastes like guava paste but is made with quince fruit. This confection is often eaten with cheese because they complement each other so well, the case here as well. It is unclear whether the firmness was due to not being fresh or intentional, but either way it was enjoyed. Plan on picking this up with your hands, as the plastic fork they offer is no match.

A look behind the counter shows a heated case full of many empanadas, which can be enjoyed both baked and fried, and taken home by the dozen. Argentinian style empanadas employ a thin buttery crust that loses its form easily once you start digging in. They let the meat and spices within do the talking and are served without any sauces.

The baked beef empanadas ($2.25 each, below) are about the size of a small fist and stuffed to capacity. The savory palate is focused on here, while enough fat and moisture remains to keep everything from getting dry. A cup of mate cocido ($1.50, not shown) goes perfectly with a pair of them.

And those stacks of bread? If there are any left late in the afternoon, Buenos Aires starts discounting them because they will not be selling any day old bread tomorrow. On future visits, takeaway bags are sure to be filled with both baked and fried empanadas, some of their desserts with dulce de leche, and pastafrola, a lattice-encrusted pie which would be a great item to bring to your next dinner party invitation.

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