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22 May 2016

Where to Watch the 2016 Euro Cup and Copa America Centenario in New York City


As many of you know, I cannot get enough football in my life, and have spent considerable energy the past two World Cups (2010, 2014) trying to map the city with the best places to watch the games with the fans of every country participating. Much of the research overlaps with the food and cultural experiences written about here every week. To me, these tournaments are just another extension of what this city has to offer in those cultural arenas, while also a chance to enjoy the beautiful game with its beautiful fans. I can no longer wait four years between this fun, and 2016 offers the perfect opportunity to do the same thing for two enormous tournaments, and many new countries. The best players of Europe will be competing at the Euro Cup starting June 10th, while the best of all the Western Hemisphere will be at Copa America Centenario, a special off-year edition of the Copa America that is being hosted in the United States beginning June 3rd.

As usual, you are 100% covered here on Eat the World NYC with an array of choices to watch the games with the fans and expats of each nation, while eating and drinking with them. Get to know your city more while enjoying the game you love, or just use it as an excuse to see an alternate side of world culture. This list might change and adapt as I find more information, so please bookmark this page and enjoy the tournaments!

EURO CUP 2016, hosted by France:
For your pan-Euro Cup viewing enjoyment without a focus on one team, try places like Woodwork (583 Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn), Smithfield Hall (138 West 25th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan), and the Football Factory (6 West 33rd Street, Midtown, Manhattan), all of which are likely to have people from both sides cheering against each other all in good fun.

EURO GROUP A - France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland

FRANCE: Friday 10 June 3pm (vs Romania)
Wednesday 15 June 3pm (vs Albania)
Sunday 19 June 3pm (vs Switzerland)
The hosts will be easy to catch with prime-time (in France, which means 3pm here) slots for all three games. Bar Felix (340 West Broadway, SoHo) will be a hub for all the afternoon games, but expect crowds pushing to the curb during games for Les Bleus. In Brooklyn, try Bar Tabac (128 Smith Street, Cobble Hill), a funky spot with good drinks and a great football atmosphere in a neighborhood with a lot of French expats. They always get incredible crowds for French events like Bastille Day, so come early to get a spot on French game days, and grab Meteor Pils, an Alsace beer.

ROMANIA: Friday 10 June 3pm (vs France)
Wednesday 15 June 12pm (vs Switzerland)
Sunday 19 June 3pm (vs Albania)
Of the two Romanian places in Sunnyside, only Romanian Garden (43-06 43rd Avenue, Sunnyside, Queens) is not currently being renovated, and has two TVs that will have all three games showing on Dolce TV, a Romanian station.

ALBANIA: Saturday 11 June 9am (vs Switzerland)
Wednesday 15 June 3pm (vs France)
Sunday 19 June 3pm (vs Romania)
Based on the reaction of the owner/manager when I returned to Cemi Cafe (61 Church Avenue, Borough Park, Brooklyn), an Albanian-Montenegrin bar in Borough Park, this will be the go to place for Albania's games in the Euro Cup. They open at 9am on regular days, so their early morning contest against Switzerland will not be a problem. Expect an even more lively crowd for the 3pm games, especially the last game if Albania still has a chance to qualify for the next round. The young chef/manager at Pravue Cafe & Albanian Grill (70-02 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood, Queens) is a big fan and will definitely have the small place tuned in for the 3pm games. Also in the neighborhood is the members only club Sport.C.Tirana Cafe (785 Fairview Avenue, Ridgewood), which sets up chairs outside in nice weather and probably won't be too concerned about their members only policy when the games are on. I talked with the owner of Gurra Cafe (2325 Arthur Avenue, Belmont, Bronx), who was deep into a TV program when I arrived. He immediately agreed that opening at 9am for the first game was a good idea. Much of the neighborhood will be out watching all three games on Arthur Avenue and around.

SWITZERLAND: Saturday 11 June 9am (vs Albania)
Wednesday 15 June 12pm (vs Romania)
Sunday 19 June 3pm (vs France)
Switzerland has a couple places that will show their true colors on game days, even if not all the patrons are from the Confederation Helvetica. Downtown option Cafe Select (212 Lafayette Street, Nolita) is a fun place that sets up a projector for games and has good breakfast.

EURO GROUP B - England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia

ENGLAND: Saturday 11 June 3pm (vs Russia)
Thursday 16 June 9am (vs Wales)
Monday 20 June 3pm (vs Slovakia)
The English will be hard to avoid anywhere in the city on their game days, with many cold ales spilled if Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy can be friends in the final third. For a slightly lower chance of getting a beer tossed on you, try three spots in Brooklyn: Black Horse Pub (568 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn), which will be open early for every Euro Cup game, Highbury Pub (1002 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn), and The Monro (481 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn), which are all used to the big game crowd and can serve out all the old favorites from the kitchen. Back in Manhattan, try The Churchill Tavern (45 East 28th Street, NoMad, Manhattan), which will be open for the two afternoon games.

RUSSIA: Saturday 11 June 3pm (vs England)
Wednesday 15 June 9am (vs Slovakia)
Monday 20 June 3pm (vs Wales)
Russian support will be high and loud at many spots in the city, but for possibly the best Euro Cup/life experience, spend game day at the Russian Bath on Neck Road (1200 Gravesend Neck Road, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn) which opens at 8am daily and has a connected sports bar which will also be open for the early games. The owner here has autographed jerseys from all the best Russian hockey players and was visibly excited with the upcoming tournament, he seems to be a real sports buff and this is his pleasure dome. Another place to catch a game will be the always odd German-themed beer hall with Uzbek food in Brighton Beach called KeBeer Draft Bar & Grill (1003 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn). In Midtown, make reservations for Russian Samovar (256 West 52nd Street, Midtown) and enjoy the games with fine dining and an impressive assortment of vodka.

WALES: Saturday 11 June 12pm (vs Slovakia)
Thursday 16 June 9am (vs England)
Monday 20 June 3pm (vs Russia)
The one and only Welsh pub in New York City is Brooklyn's Longbow Pub and Pantry (7316 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge), which will be open for every Euro Cup game in June. The morning game against England should be especially good here.

SLOVAKIA: Saturday 11 June 12pm (vs Wales)
Wednesday 15 June 9am (vs Russia)
Monday 20 June 3pm (vs England)
Koliba (31-11 23rd Avenue, Astoria, Queens) does not keep the most forgiving hours and is closed Mondays, so try the Slovakian menu at Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden (29-19 24th Avenue, Astoria, Queens), which will have all or most of the games and most if not all the Slovaks in Queens.

EURO GROUP C - Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Northern Ireland

GERMANY: Sunday 12 June 3pm (vs Ukraine)
Thursday 16 June 3pm (vs Poland)
Tuesday 21 June 12pm (vs Northern Ireland)
The heavyweight champion of this category is undoubtedly Zum Schneider (107 Avenue C, Manhattan), the East Village beer hall that will have a line around the block even before the cleaning crew arrives in the morning. The food and beer selection here always satisfies its German contingent, and the place will be forever rocking during German matches and throughout the tournament. If that atmosphere doesn't appeal to you, try walking a bit to Loreley (7 Rivington Street, Lower East Side) which also has good beers and food, a lot of TVs, and a projector screen in their outdoor beer garden. Zum Stammtisch (69-46 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, Queens) will be another choice, with a small bar area showing games to a tight-knit group of sports fans. This is especially the place to go if you think of yourself as a German but have an incredibly thick Queens accent. Plates of excellent food and boots of beer are always popular here.

UKRAINE: Sunday 12 June 3pm (vs Germany)
Thursday 16 June 12pm (vs Northern Ireland)
Tuesday 21 June 12pm (vs Poland)
The Ukrainian Sports Club of New York (122 2nd Avenue, East Village, Manhattan) already has a sign on their door with all the times of each fixture and Ukraine's games underlined. One block north, the Sly Fox (140 2nd Avenue) usually opens at 6pm, but the bartender told me if Ukraine is playing he will be open because he wants to watch as well. In SoHo, upscale Korchma Taras Bulba (357 West Broadway, SoHo, Manhattan) might need someone to request a game to get it on TV, but should liven up as the game progresses. The food here is great.

POLAND: Sunday 12 June 12pm (vs Northern Ireland)
Thursday 16 June 3pm (vs Germany)
Tuesday 21 June 12pm (vs Ukraine)
For Poland's games, head out to Maspeth and Johnny's Cafe (60-39 Fresh Pond Road, Maspeth, Queens), which has a nice small bar and much larger dining area and plenty of TVs to handle a good number of eyes. A little further south in Ridgewood is Krolewskie Jadlo (66-21 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood, Queens), which also has beers on draft at its small bar. Other places on the street that seem to be focal points for games are The Live Oak (59-94 Fresh Pond Road, Maspeth, Queens), an Irish bar that was invaded by red and white during the first game, and Spolem (66-30 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood, Queens), a coffee shop that also has alcohol and sets up an atmosphere less for families than the other places.

NORTHERN IRELAND: Sunday 12 June 12pm (vs Poland)
Thursday 16 June 12pm (vs Ukraine)
Tuesday 21 June 12pm (vs Germany)
There is one Northern Irish (inspired) pub in New York City, the Financial District's Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog (30 Water Street, Manhattan), but they do not have any televisions unfortunately. They recommended nearby Pier A Harbor House (22 Battery Place, Battery Park, Manhattan), which will be open for all three games.

EURO GROUP D - Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia

SPAIN: Monday 13 June 9am (vs Czech Rep.)
Friday 17 June 3pm (vs Turkey)
Tuesday 21 June 3pm (vs Croatia)
La Nacional Tapas Bar (239 West 14th Street, Chelsea) was absolutely bursting at the seams during the last World Cup and two years before for the European Championships, so it is a good bet to be amongst Iberians of all ages this year. They are currently under renovations but the upstairs house will host games and have beer, wine, and sangria on offer. If that proves difficult to get into, two blocks north is Cafe Riazor (245 West 16th Street, Chelsea), which should be slightly more subdued. Casa d'Paco (73 Warwick Street, Newark, NJ) is over in Ironbound but will be the perfect place to cheer on Spain as it already exudes football.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Monday 13 June 9am (vs Spain)
Friday 17 June 12pm (vs Croatia)
Tuesday 21 June 3pm (vs Turkey)
Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden (29-19 24th Avenue, Astoria, Queens) will be the best place to catch all of the action, with plenty of food and drinks for everyone. Expect massive crowds here on weekend games if the weather is good, but this place has plenty of capacity as well as plenty of Czech and Slovak menu items to enjoy in their lovely and massive garden.

TURKEY: Sunday 12 June 9am (vs Croatia)
Friday 17 June 3pm (vs Spain)
Tuesday 21 June 3pm (vs Czech Rep.)
For that first 9am game, try OPera Cafe & Lounge (2255 Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn), which opens for breakfast at 8am daily and has plenty of televisions (and booze). For the afternoon games, Staten Island will also afford a good location in Seaside Turkish Restaurant (124 Ocean Avenue, Staten Island) to watch games comfortably with great fresh seafood and drinks. You can expect the games to be on in many casual Turkish eateries throughout the city, with cab drivers and countrymen sneaking in to see if their team can advance.

CROATIA: Sunday 12 June 9am (vs Turkey)
Friday 17 June 12pm (vs Czech Rep.)
Tuesday 21 June 3pm (vs Spain)
It is unlikely that Istria Sport Club (28-09 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, Queens) will open its doors for the 9am and noon matches and is not even open on Tuesdays, so try United Miners S.C. Rudar (34-01 45th Street, Astoria, Queens), where the ground floor bar should be open for the games and the bar also plans to show the games outside if the staff can get up in time. Based on my conversation with the bartender, I would not rely on the 9am game to be showing here, but the other two should be fine. Not every neighborhood has a Croatian pub, but Astoria certainly does. Cafe Bar Scorpio (35-15 Broadway, Astoria, Queens) is always a big draw on game days and should be full for most of the Euro Cup, but do note they don't serve food. There is sometimes a cover here.

EURO GROUP E - Belgium, Italy, Rep. of Ireland, Sweden

BELGIUM: Monday 13 June 3pm (vs Italy)
Saturday 18 June 9am (vs Ireland)
Wednesday 22 June 3pm (vs Sweden)
The BXL empire will have a monopoly on the Belgian fans. There are two Midtown locations (BXL East: 210 East 51st Street, focus on Belgian beer, and BXL Cafe: 125 West 43rd Street, focus on Belgian football), but the best option of the three is more charming BXL Zoute (50 West 22nd Street, Manhattan), which was full of "Come on Belgium!" chants when I attended a World Cup game in 2014. They plan to be open early for all Euro Cup games.

ITALY: Monday 13 June 3pm (vs Belgium)
Friday 17 June 9am (vs Sweden)
Wednesday 22 June 3pm (vs Ireland)
Ribalta (48 East 12th Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan) may seem like an innocent pizzeria, but they have a separate Facebook page entitled "Ribalta Stadium" that keeps Italian football fans in tune with the matches they are showing, primarily Italian league games. When Euro Cup begins, you can be sure they will be packed with Forza Azzurri fans for both of the two 3pm games. It does not have the best set up for large crowds, but the projection screen is big and the atmosphere is intense. For more simple places to come and go, try Little Italy staples Mulberry Street Bar (176 Mulberry Street) and Grotta Azzurra (177 Mulberry Street).

REP. OF IRELAND: Monday 13 June 12pm (vs Sweden)
Saturday 18 June 9am (vs Belgium)
Wednesday 22 June 3pm (vs Italy)
Bars in Woodlawn Heights, New York City's most exclusively Irish neighborhood located in the Bronx should be a good place to locate yourself for the three games they play in the group of death. Bonus because the bars will also cure a lot of sorrow. There are about a dozen bars on a few block stretch of Katonah Avenue, the best of the bunch being The Avenue (4352 Katonah Avenue, Woodlawn Heights, Bronx), which has a banner outside proclaiming it the "2016 Irish Euro Headquarters." Sunnyside used to have a much stronger Irish presence, but you will find good places to watch still. Bar 43 (4306 43rd Street, Sunnyside, Queens) is a sports pub at heart, and will be a football pub during Euro Cup, open for every game even at 9am.

SWEDEN: Monday 13 June 12pm (vs Ireland)
Friday 17 June 9am (vs Italy)
Wednesday 22 June 3pm (vs Belgium)
Unfortunately, the Swedes find their home for football games at Tonic Times Square (727 7th Avenue). The only good news is that the Netherlands did not qualify, because they also use this horrid place as their home base.

EURO GROUP F - Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary

PORTUGAL: Tuesday 14 June 3pm (vs Iceland)
Saturday 18 June 3pm (vs Austria)
Wednesday 22 June 12pm (vs Hungary)
The main Portuguese community in the area resides in Newark, New Jersey, and this will undoubtedly be the most rewarding place to cheer on the one man show of Ronaldo. The best place will probably be the Madrid & Lisbon Bar & Restaurant (325 Lafayette Street, Newark New Jersey), where #7 jerseys hang from the wall. Also try the bar area at otherwise stuffy Coimbra (637-641 Market Street, Newark, New Jersey), a wonderful place for food and drink. Across the Hudson, and Manhattan, and 90% of Queens is some of the best food at upscale O Lavrador (138-40 101st Street, Jamaica, Queens), which promises to unbutton its collar during matches, especially on the bar side of the operation, an area already covered in red and green flags and scarves.

ICELAND: Tuesday 14 June 3pm (vs Portugal)
Saturday 18 June 12pm (vs Hungary)
Wednesday 22 June 12pm (vs Austria)
The Consulate General of Iceland in New York is organizing an event to watch the first game against Portugal at Blooms Tavern (208 East 58th Street, Midtown, Manhattan). This section will be updated with any further information received.

AUSTRIA: Tuesday 14 June 12pm (vs Hungary)
Saturday 18 June 3pm (vs Portugal)
Wednesday 22 June 12pm (vs Iceland)
Brand new Werkstatt (509 Coney Island Avenue, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn) does not seem to have plans to open early, but will be open for the Saturday game and has one TV at the bar. Call ahead to make sure they'll have the projector on, and head over to Cafe Steinhof (422 7th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn) to make sure you don't miss any of Das Team's games. Blaue Gans (139 Duane Street, Tribeca, Manhattan) will have the games on if you are feeling fancier, while Cafe Katja (79 Orchard Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan) always has delicious food and should see a smattering of fans. The Austrians in New York Facebook page lists the Midtown bar Sean's Bar & Kitchen (42 West 48th Street, Manhattan) as the place to meet for those weekday afternoon games when playing hookie.

HUNGARY: Tuesday 14 June 12pm (vs Austria)
Saturday 18 June 12pm (vs Iceland)
Wednesday 22 June 12pm (vs Portugal)
Take the moniker as you like, but technically Radegast Hall & Biergarten (113 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn) is an "Austro-Hungarian" beer garden, and will drop their projection screens down like they do for all big tournaments and be open early for all the games. The first match on Tuesday between Austria and Hungary will probably not test too many rivalries, but it should be a fun place to watch the game nonetheless. The New York Hungarian Social Network (it exists!) lists Jack Demsey's (36 West 33rd Street, Midtown, Manhattan) as its meeting point for all Hungary games. Looks like they have something in common with the American Outlaws.

COPA AMERICA CENTENARIO, hosted by the United States:
For your pan-Copa America Centenario viewing enjoyment without a focus on one team (but certainly a focus on Latin America), try NY Chevillotte Billar (Jackson Heights, Queens), a vast billiards hall with TVs everywhere and decent food, and Smithfield Hall (138 West 25th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan). Many South American league games are played at the Football Factory (6 West 33rd Street, Midtown, Manhattan), so you are likely to see the place full most evenings.

COPA GROUP A - USA, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay

UNITED STATES: Friday 03 June 9:30pm (vs Colombia)
Tuesday 07 June 8pm (vs Costa Rica)
Saturday 11 June 7pm (vs Paraguay)
There are two bars in New York City that have official ties to the American Outlaws, the greatest organization in all the land. In Manhattan, AO NYC meets at Jack Demsey's (36 West 33rd Street, Midtown) on the top floor, while the Brooklyn chapter sets up BBQ and other specials at Lone Star Bar & Grill (8703 5th Avenue, Bay Ridge). Red, white and blue is the theme of both places, with passionate support trying to overcome nervousness and eventual disappointment. The new Queens AO chapter is meeting at the Astoria Tavern (33-16 23rd Avenue, Astoria, Queens).

COLOMBIA: Friday 03 June 9:30pm (vs USA)
Tuesday 07 June 10:30pm (vs Paraguay)
Saturday 11 June 9pm (vs Costa Rica)
While they might be better for families, skip the cafes of Roosevelt and 37th Avenues and head up to Northern Boulevard. Two years ago I walked back and forth trying to figure out which one of many places would be best as they all heaved with yellow jerseys. Try Teatro Restaurante Boulevard (82-24 Northern Boulevard, Jackson Heights, Queens) for a full-on party in a space usually reserved for dinner theater. The food here is acceptable (the "mini" bandeja paisa is anything but mini), but the party promises to be one of the best. For less of a sit down atmosphere, try one of three bar restaurants: La Pollera Colorada II (82-13 Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights) should be rowdiest, while El Rumbero (82-05 Northern Blvd) and El Paisa Bar (87-05 Northern Blvd) won't be far behind. Spend a little time at each if you can.

COSTA RICA: Saturday 04 June 5pm (vs Paraguay)
Tuesday 07 June 8pm (vs USA)
Saturday 11 June 9pm (vs Colombia)
The place to be on Ticos game days is Olga's Place (214 LT Glenn Zamorski Drive) in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I got to catch a game here during Costa Rica's great 2014 World Cup run, and the roof almost came off. The food is good too. New York-based Ticos seem to hang out at Favela Cubana (543 LaGuardia Place, Greenwich Village, Manhattan), but with no Costa Rican food, you can also try friendly (but alcohol-free) New Jersey favorites like Guanaticos (261 Irvington Avenue, South Orange, NJ), Maplewood Deli (1628 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, NJ), and The Banderas (41 Park Avenue, Summit, NJ).

PARAGUAY: Saturday 04 June 5pm (vs Costa Rica)
Tuesday 07 June 10:30pm (vs Colombia)
Saturday 11 June 7pm (vs USA)
The one place to watch Paraguay is I Love Paraguay (43-16 Greenpoint Avenue, Sunnyside, Queens), which will undoubtedly stay open late for that 10:30pm game versus Colombia. Get there early, as the place will be over capacity well before kickoff.

COPA GROUP B - Brasil, Ecuador, Haiti, Perú

BRASIL: Saturday 04 June 10pm (vs Ecuador)
Wednesday 08 June 7:30pm (vs Haiti)
Sunday 12 June 8:30pm (vs Perú)
Coming off the disappointment of 2014 and the fact that Rio will host the Olympics later in the summer, the performance of Brasil is to be determined. Neymar will not be with the team as he has only been allowed to play one of two tournaments and his home country wants to showcase him in the Olympics. Given all this, you can still expect the Brazilians in New York to be out for their team. In Brooklyn, Brazilians love to gather at Miss Favela (57 South 5th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn), which is tight but has great atmosphere. Beija Flor (38-02 29th Street, Astoria, Queens) might have Astoria's best viewing setup, but non-alcoholic eateries like Rio Market (32-15 36th Avenue) and Pão de Queijo (31-90 30th Street) will also have their TVs on and provide very good food. Back in Manhattan, Alphabet City's Esperanto (145 Avenue C, East Village) is advertising itself as the Copa America headquarters, if you prefer live music playing while the games are on.

ECUADOR: Saturday 04 June 10pm (vs Brasil)
Wednesday 08 June 10pm (vs Perú)
Sunday 12 June 6:30pm (vs Haiti)
Barzola (92-12 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens) will be the hottest ticket in town, get there early or just enjoy the standing room only overflow. Tropical (67-22 Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside, Queens) is another good option for a slightly less raucous crowd and has many locations throughout Queens, while Hornado Ecuatoriano (76-18 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights) probably offers the best game food if you're hungry and want a table. If the weather is good and you want to stay outside, the three food trucks parked on Warren Street just south of Roosevelt also have TVs and should gather a nice crowd.

HAITI: Saturday 04 June 7:30pm (vs Perú)
Wednesday 08 June 7:30pm (vs Brasil)
Sunday 12 June 6:30pm (vs Ecuador)
Close to Barclays Center, try La Caye (35 Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene, Brooklyn), which has a small bar (stocked with Prestige Beer) and very good atmosphere as well as food. One of the owners here actually played for the Haitian national team in the past, and the place has a projection screen that comes down for big games. Tonel (1236 Rogers Avenue, Flatbush, Brooklyn) will probably have the largest gathering in one room, with two screens above the bar being the center of attention. They host all types of Haitian events and should be the spot near Nostrand. The perfect sounding place is also on Nostrand Avenue in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, and Football Restaurant (1727 Nostrand Avenue) will assuredly bring Haitians to eat as it always seems busy, but with only one table and a small TV, maybe not so many for the games. Around the corner try friendly Solide Rocher (3011 Beverly Road, East Flatbush), where I had a very nice conversation with the son of the family running this place who seems very excited for Copa America (and for everyone I know to come here in June). The surrounding area of these blocks is full of Haitians, so if these options do not impress, walk a few steps and follow the flags and cheers.

PERÚ: Saturday 04 June 7:30pm (vs Haiti)
Wednesday 08 June 10pm (vs Ecuador)
Sunday 12 June 8:30pm (vs Brasil)
Vast new Lima Restaurant & Bar (85-07 Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights, Queens) provides a fairly upscale experience, but on nights with Perú games I expect some of the stuffiness to subside. For a much more informal setting, go further east on Northern Boulevard to fun Pico Rico (103-12 Northern Blvd, Corona, Queens), which has a full menu of great drinking foods. In Brooklyn, Paracas Pisco Bar (782 4th Avenue, Greenwood, Brooklyn) has a big Copa America banner out front and is surely a wonderful place for all the games, not to mention a great location to get acquainted with pisco, the famous drink of Peru.

COPA GROUP C - México, Uruguay, Jamaica, Venezuela

MÉXICO: Sunday 05 June 8pm (vs Uruguay)
Thursday 09 June 10pm (vs Jamaica)
Monday 13 June 8pm (vs Venezuela)
Tacos Morelos (94-13 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens) might be the best place to sit down with excellent food and plenty of cold beers. The restaurant has flags of many Latin American countries on its ceiling and will probably be full every night of the Copa. Also think about going to one of the many seedy "sports" bars lining Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights. Horns blare when goals are scored and the atmosphere is very fun. Bartenders are exclusively female and very lightly dressed, if that matters. Try Cafe 75 (75-18 Roosevelt Avenue), Scorpion Bar (75-16) and El Abuelo Gozon (79-03) to get in the middle of the action. Sunset Park in Brooklyn is more about families and therefore will be much more low key. The back room at Tacos El Bronco (4324 4th Avenue) has big screens for the games and a projector was added to the main dining room for Copa. The food here is wonderful, but unfortunately no alcohol is served.

URUGUAY: Sunday 05 June 8pm (vs México)
Thursday 09 June 7:30pm (vs Venezuela)
Monday 13 June 10pm (vs Jamaica)
La Gran Uruguaya (85-02 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens) now has an attached restaurant and bar that will all be full of La Celeste and chivito steak sandwiches. Also serving this and other grilled meats is Chivito d'Oro (84-02 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens), which can seem calm until Diego Forlán's blond hair starts waving as he streaks down the sideline. Across the Hudson, the Uruguayan community in Union City, New Jersey will be descending on Uruguayan pizza joint Pizzarra's (4000 Bergenline Avenue, Union City, NJ).

JAMAICA: Sunday 05 June 5pm (vs Venezuela)
Thursday 09 June 10pm (vs México)
Monday 13 June 10pm (vs Uruguay)
Try one of two locations of Footprints Cafe (1521 Surf Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn and 5814 Clarendon Road, East Flatbush, Brooklyn), which are known for live music and events. I sat down at the bar of the Coney Island location to research this piece and have some rasta pasta, their famous dish. Sugarcane (238 Flatbush Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn) is Trini owned and has a menu from the most southern of Caribbean islands, but the place is always full for football and expects good crowds for both Jamaica and Haiti.

VENEZEULA: Sunday 05 June 5pm (vs Jamaica)
Thursday 09 June 7:30pm (vs Uruguay)
Monday 13 June 8pm (vs México)
The Astoria arepas franchise will be in full gear for Copa America. Arepas Grill (21-19 Broadway, Astoria, Queens) is the second child but does much more to advertise games, usually offering $3 Polar beers, a Venezuelan pilsner, during World Cup qualifier games. Expect good deals and people for all the Copa America games as well. The older sibling is Arepas Cafe (33-07 36th Avenue, Astoria, Queens), which will also have the games on. El Cocotero (228 West 18th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) seemed very interested when I inquired in person and does have a projector, but never called me back so I assume will not be showing the games until someone tells me differently.

COPA GROUP D - Argentina, Chile, Panamá, Bolivia

ARGENTINA: Monday 06 June 10pm (vs Chile)
Friday 10 June 9:30pm (vs Panamá)
Tuesday 14 June 10pm (vs Bolivia)
The epicenter for all things Argentinean football is the miracle on Queens Boulevard that is the Boca Juniors Steakhouse (81-08 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, Queens). If you want to see what being at a game at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires is like, this is as close as it gets without booking a plane ticket. Get there EARLY. Other Argentinean grill restaurants to try are La Esquina Criolla (94-67 Corona Avenue, Elmhurst, Queens) which sits at the crossroads of Argentina in Queens, La Fusta (80-32 Baxter Avenue, Elmhurst, Queens), a sprawling place with plenty of viewing options, and La Cabaña Steakhouse (86-07 Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights, Queens) if you can't pull yourself away from Northern Boulevard. Any way you go, you will be well fed. Experiences in Manhattan will not be up to par with Queens, but if you must stay on the small island, try Novecentro (343 West Broadway, SoHo, Manhattan), which will have the flags up and TVs on for most of Copa America.

CHILE: Monday 06 June 10pm (vs Argentina)
Friday 10 June 7pm (vs Bolivia)
Tuesday 14 June 8pm (vs Panamá)
The city's go-to Chilean spots are both owned by the same guy and go by the name of San Antonio. San Antonio Bakery (174 Rockaway Avenue, Valley Stream) is technically in Long Island, but will be the prime spot to be amongst a Chilean mob, drinks included. San Antonio Bakery #2 (36-20 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, Queens) is a little closer to home and has delicious casual food as well, minus the alcohol. Completos and chacareros make the perfect game food. La Marea Roja NYC, a Chilean expat support group here in town, likes to meet at Smithfield Hall (above) for games.

PANAMÁ: Monday 06 June 7pm (vs Bolivia)
Friday 10 June 9:30pm (vs Argentina)
Tuesday 14 June 8pm (vs Chile)
The city's only exclusively Panamanian eatery might not be the ideal game night spot, but surely it will draw a good crowd for games. At Kelso Dining (648 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn), the food is excellent, and a newly renovated space has a bar and will take care of you.

BOLIVIA: Monday 06 June 7pm (vs Panamá)
Friday 10 June 7pm (vs Chile)
Tuesday 14 June 10pm (vs Argentina)
Renacer Bolivian Restaurant (67-03 Woodside Avenue, Woodside, Queens), which used to be called Cumbre, offers excellent salteñas and a full menu of hearty favorites to pair with games. Expect most of our small Bolivian community to find their way here on the nights their country plays.

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