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22 December 2019

Bantu Food Pop-Up: A Congolese Holiday in NYC


Chef Linda A. Sebisaho, who goes by Linda A. Cooks and runs a Harlem-based catering outfit called Healthy Afrique was to be found running the show at the Maysles Documentary Center this past weekend. In coordination with Bantu Tastes, she brought the foods of her birthplace Democratic Republic of Congo to New York City.

Most of these items are otherwise nowhere to be found unfortunately, so the event presented a fascinating opportunity to learn about some Central African dishes and ingredients that have very little exposure here.

This visit took place on Sunday, the second day of the two day event, and unfortunately quite a few of the dishes had already sold out and were unavailable. Apparently a large group of Congolese people had come on Saturday and cleaned the place out.

Regardless, quite an assortment was still available, and it was great to taste some of what was on offer. One of the staple starches of Congo is chikwangue (below, left), cassava that has been pounded and steamed in banana leaves. It is thick and chewy and pairs well with just about any dish. Pinch off a small piece and pick up some meat or vegetables to go with it.

Catfish stew with chikwangue.

Fumbwa, wild spinach stew.

Safou, a sour meaty plum-like fruit.

Mikate, sweetened fried dough.

Use the links in the first paragraph above to get in touch with Chef Sebisaho, who is available for catering. Any future events she has in New York City will be anticipated greatly.

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