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13 December 2019

Accra Restaurant


Especially on those days when the sun shines bright, it always takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim environs of Accra Restaurant after coming in from Davidson Avenue. Without much light penetrating the tinted front windows, it has that immediate feel of many West African restaurants in the Bronx and beyond. They had expanded the chain south in the borough and in Harlem as well, but are back down to two locations after the 165th Street closed recently.

In the past ten years at the original spot, not much has changed besides successive coats of blue paint to cover graffiti and a brand new logo on the awning which is not reflected in the photo above. This image is reflective of the food however, a Ghanaian flag and its black star superimposed on the continent of Africa. On any day you are likely to find options to eat from many West African countries and other languages not used in Ghana being spoken by customers.

A recent visit with friends was a chance to sample a few different things and see where the restaurant had evolved since opening other locations and gaining some traction with their social media. Thankfully the quality of everything has not changed and they were still not catering to crowds without experience eating these foods.

That being said, Accra and its cousins remain places that can be slightly intimidating for first timers. Sit down at a table and there will be no one to tell you to come and order at the counter, unless a fellow customer finally takes pity on you. Ask questions of the people working here, and answers will be quite limited. It is not something of bad service, it is just the rhythm of the restaurant.

In keeping with its pan-continental theme, the Bronx location has a large colorful map of Africa and the Harlem branch includes framed portraits of many African presidents. You will find dishes that are usually represented by the francophone countries of West Africa, and French is more commonly overheard here than in other Ghanaian restaurants in town.

It is the type of place that is worth your time to try and figure out though, the stews and soups are rich and wonderful no matter when you come. Put them over a couple different types of rice or get a fresh ball of fufu to eat like a professional. Items will change day to day, so take your time to see what looks the best and order away.

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