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01 July 2011

Taste of Georgia


In my short time inside this small shop, I only saw people come in for freshly baked bread, but the reason I like it more than other Georgian bakeries is the decent selection of salads and hot dishes they can prepare as well, all for takeout.

The star of the bakery are definitely the shoti long ($2), which were flying of the shelves as I was lingering over my selections. Shoti are in essence the Georgian version of a baguette that is long and shaped like a canoe. I gravitate towards khachapuri ($5.50, below, round), a baked cheese bread that Georgian cooking is famous for. They also sell khachapuri puffs here, but the problem with all of this is that it seems a bit tired. While the shoti are popular for taking home and eating with any meal and constantly popping out of the brick oven, these might be sitting around for a while.

Also good for taking home are the meat pies ($3.50, below), which can come in potato, bean (lobani), mushroom tarragon, and cabbage versions as well. The breads are nice and chewy, and a bit on the greasy side.

You might be asked to check out their arrangements of cold salads or your eyes might naturally avert themselves to this refrigerated case anyways, but the options are worth giving a try. The salad olivie ($6.99/lb, below) is not specifically Georgian but is very good here.

The more Georgian options are versions of satsivi, a sauce made out of walnuts that is used with chicken, or other salads that use walnuts. They all look delicious. The prepared hot dishes also looked pretty tasty, but on this hot day the cold dishes appealed much more. It would be worth returning in cold weather to see what else is on offer.

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