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01 July 2011

[CLOSED] Georgian Bread


Georgian Bread is a simple place with a simple name, that could not be more appropriate. Walk into the sweaty, balmy room, and basically you are stepping into the oven itself. You are immediately presented with this stone and clay monster, which churns out bread to order, unless they have some already freshly prepared.

Like any respectable Georgian bakery, this place sells a lot of shotis puri to Georgian and former Soviet Union customers throughout the area. This bread is used with any meal and an essential part of any dinner arrangement.

By all means take a few home and try it yourself, but don't leave this place without trying the amazing khachapuri ($6, below), the best in the city. You are always presented with a fresh, round loaf, and sometimes even have to wait for it to be made.

The interior of this version stands high above others for its thick, doughy consistency of bread and cheese. The warmth is constant, the cheese finds it way to all parts. If you can feel love from a piece of bread, you can feel it from this. Tearing it apart to view its innards is like marveling at a priceless work of art.

As you can see from the photo above, grabbing a khachapuri and walking to the beach makes for an ideal place to eat. It's best to eat this bread fresh, so walk the few blocks and find a place to park on the boardwalk and eat with the sound of seagulls and waves.

265 Neptune Avenue
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