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28 July 2011

[CLOSED] Kebab Garden

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Recently renovated Kebab Garden has upgraded its facilities, but loses some of its appeal from the street. The kitchen, and especially the prominently displayed rotating spit of lamb, has been moved to another room, and the place has a less workaday cabbie hangout as it used to.

There seem to be two courses of action here. The first is to grab a sandwich from the spit. A doner kebab ($6, below) will do its job and fill you up, stuffed with decent meat, lettuce, tomato, and a nice well-spiced sauce.

The second is to follow the path of those cabbies and grab a container to hit the hot bar, which costs $6.99/lb and has a good selection of hot (below) and cold items, running the range of Turkish and standard Middle Eastern treats. They also have desserts like baklava on offer for your sweet tooth.

Come at an off hour and the workers might be snoozing at a table in the back, but you will have the place to yourself, if that suits you. Come during a popular football match though, and fight for a seat with other fans. Either way, it's a reliable Turkish spot in a sometimes unreliable area to eat.

128 1st Avenue, New York NY

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