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25 July 2011

188 Bakery Cuchifritos


Glowing cuchifritos signs are ubiquitous anywhere from Spanish Harlem north and all parts of the Bronx. Something of a New York City tradition, the places are open late and often times all night, serving every part of the pig and all types of fried items and juices.

One of the city's most famous and popular is 188 Bakery, in Fordham Heights. The shop has a little lottery booth in the front and seems like a small hub of the community, constantly in motion and hot from the air, the people, the heat lamps, and all the food preparation.

No matter what you order, ask for one of many of the juices ($1, small) on offer, a colorful back wall display that also has all the food on placards above. The prices here are very friendly, and it's hard for a person to get close to spending $10. Friendly smiles surround you at the bar, and the people that work here are also nice, despite having a lot of people to take care of.

If you want to get to the heart of what cuchifritos are and what is available, dive right in with an orden de cuchifritos ($6, below), a plate heaping with pig ear, pig tongue, pig stomach, and pig blood sausage. When you are asked whether you want gravy over it, you are advised to say yes.

For those less adventurous, try some of the many frituras here. Encompassing a whole spectrum of items that can be fried, they are usually tasty and easy to eat. The alcapurria ($1.50, below) is filled with ground beef and surrounded by a sculpted dough mash.

188 Bakery is the type of place where whether or not you enjoy the food, you will certainly enjoy the experience. It's one of those counters that stand up in New York as a destination, no matter what your point of origin. Give it a try!

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  1. Which juice did you like best? I'd assume it's all homemade?

  2. Passion fruit is my favorite. Parcha or maracuja is what it will be called.

  3. I love this place, and the juices are just fantastic.


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