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08 August 2011

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop


I enjoy places that are stuck in time, and not of the current crop of intentionally retro design and feel. Places that actually chose to forget the advances of decades. Even when the place lost part of its sign when the neighboring facade was enlarged, they just let the word "shop" get hacked and stand on "Eisenberg's Sandwich" alone.

This diner does specialize in the sandwich, and while they have many other items, make sure to eat one of them or you are missing some great and unique combinations. All the better to sit at the counter on a barstool if possible, for the full feel of the place. You get to watch the cooks and staff getting your order out (and everyone else's) pronto. It's fun to watch.

One of my favorite sandwiches, and also one of Eisenberg's most famous, is the peanut butter and bacon, a combination that does not necessarily sound enticing, but which is delicious, if you like these ingredients. The much more tame B.L.T. (below) also satisfies, perfectly toasted and light on mayonaise. The vegetables are not from the farmer's market, but are fresh and crisp nonetheless.

Eisenberg's is a gem, and enough off the radar of tourists that you can get a seat fairly painlessly on most days. Weekday lunches are definitely crowded, but it's all somehow bearable here. Grab an egg cream or a lime rickey and take it all in.

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  1. I absolutely love the old, rustic feel of this diner. I needed a new place to stop for lunch, so I'm definitely going to check this out on City Maps and see if it is anywhere close to my building!


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