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06 April 2011

[CLOSED] Plum Pizzeria and Bar



I was lucky enough to be part of a tasting dinner at Plum that included some very experienced pizza connoisseurs, who were all eager to sample and express their feelings. Because of my "innocence" in the pizza world, I think was more able to enjoy the pies here, without looking for any way to criticize. I liked hearing the opinions of the group, and learned a lot about pizza-making and history, but I also had a really good meal.

One thing the group did agree upon was that all the dishes that came before the pizza were solid, and our first, the insalata caprese ($9.95, above) was no different. If you do not like the pizza here, it might just be worth coming with a big group and ordering many portions of their very good pastas. Start out with the penne alla vodka ($14.95, below), which proves once again that bacon improves everything.

The yellow pumpkin ravioli ($13.95, below) is something you find on many menus these days, but had such a delicious creamy pistachio sauce that I was tempted to lick my plate.

Taking a look at the rigatoni alla Bolognese ($14.95, below) will probably give you a distinct taste in your mouth. The version here is very good al dente and comforting, something the food had to do since the environs are a little less than homey. No worries though, all of these pastas will do a very good job keeping your focus on your mouth.

The place is owned by two Greeks and one American, and chose the word "plum" as something simple and nothing to hide behind. It of course refers to the type of tomato rather the fruit, and seems fitting for the place somehow. The gas-powered oven is not something pizzerias brag about these days, but our host insisted that "consistency is more important than brick." I do not mind this explanation at all and also with his thinking that "technology can be a good thing."

We were presented with two pies that were split up with two sides each. I liked all the freshness on top, and I actually loved the fact that the crust was fired for extra time and became very stiff. No droop at all! He even demonstrated this for us, as well as the dryness of the pies.

It is going to be hard to make such a style catch on in a town that is very set in their ways, but I hope Plum sticks around. I have already returned since this dinner, bringing three friends to share a pie and some pasta when we were nearby and would probably do the same as long as they are around.

There was a good story about the desserts that I did not catch all of, but the gist of it was that a new dessert is made each day. I think it comes from a school, and Plum just asks that they create something new for them daily. I liked the concept, and knowing you can try a fresh dessert each visit is only a good thing.

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