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06 April 2011

Lin's Taiwanese Gourmet


Taiwanese Gourmet and its bright green awnings have stared me down on many occasions walking through Elmhurst, but until I had the urgings of a regular, I never went in. This was an obvious mistake from the moment we opened the door, as I felt right at home and was overwhelmed by good smells.

Before ordering we were presented with a complimentary dish of marinated seaweed and chili radish strips (below). It was a good way to get the mouth watering for more, and a nice gesture of the house.

To start off, we ordered the oyster pancake ($5.95, below), a dish you tend to order in a night market but much easier to tackle at a table. It is gooey and sticky like it is supposed to be, and the spicy ketchup style sauce on top is sufficient.

There is no greater comfort food than the beef with tomato over rice ($6.95, below, asked for rice on side). It is very sweet, but warms you from the inside and makes you continue to spoon portions onto your plate until it is done.

It would be a funny comparison to take some sesame chicken from a Chinese takeout joint and place it side by side with the ginger chicken with sesame oil ($9.95, below) here at Lin's. This beautiful dish explodes with flavor and the sweetness of the sesame are balanced by intense ginger flavors and other spices.

The dish is a highlight for sure, and will definitely leave you wanting more. As with the other dishes, the portions here are just right and won't have you wasting much. The people are very nice, the orders come out quickly, and whether dining alone or with a big group, you should be satisfied.

Detail of ginger chicken with sesame oil

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  1. For a VERY comprehensive guide to some of the more interesting dishes available at Lin's, check out the blog Chubby Chinese Girl: http://www.chubbychinesegirl.com/2010/02/taiwanese-gourmet-corp-yummy-stinky.html


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