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01 April 2011

Country Pancake House


Shortly after we sat down in our window seat, the table next to us gasped in horror when their order arrived and they saw the size of the portions. They were indeed large, as calling them oversized would be an understatement. It is what the place is known for though, so we did not let it deter us from ordering a plate each.

It's hard to grasp the size of the #38 Carpetbaggers ($8.50, above) from the photo. These four massive pancakes are filled with bacon, cheddar cheese, corn meal, and ham, and served with a side of sour cream for good measure. I finished exactly one and a half of them, and I came in the door hungry. The pancakes are so fluffy, almost magically so, and good. The ingredients are put inside, but fairly sparingly by design.

Also gigantic was the #43 America's Favorite Potato Pancakes ($8.95, above). These come with three eggs, a side of ham, sour cream, and apple sauce. The people here had neither a Jewish nor a Ukrainian grandmother (neither did I, unfortunately) and I could not figure out how these had become America's favorite in the first place. I suppose this country's favorite TV show is American Idol though, so this says a great deal.

It is fun to leave the city, and watch polite drivers allowing each other the right of way outside the window as you eat. Cars come to a stop to let any pedestrians cross the street. The pancakes of Ridgewood might not have blown my mind, but I certainly feel better about being human in some ways. My stomach on the verge of bursting was not one of these ways.

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