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26 March 2011

[CLOSED] M. Wells


[UPDATE: CLOSED, try their steakhouse and dinette now for similar ideas and creations]

For anyone who reads this blog to seek out cheap, authentic foods in New York City and has already rolled their eyes when seeing that I actually wrote a post on M.Wells, I apologize with the simple excuse that I could not resist.

Once in a while something is so unique that it deserves a visit despite high prices and modern cuisine. M. Wells is doing very interesting things, so I present simply a slideshow of some of the dishes I was able to sample on a night out with some good people from Serious Eats, World to Table, and The Spatula Queen, presented in the order it was presented to us.

Blue cheese salad ($9, beauty greens, apples, walnuts)

Jerky salad ($12, shaved brussels sprouts, dry venison)

Veal brains ($15, sauce Grenobloise)

Escargot & bone marrow ($9, shallots, red wine purée)

BibiM Wells ($30, razor clams, scallops, oysters)

Tomato soup ($28, foie gras grilled cheese)

Green salad ($6, herbs, buttermilk dressing)

Caesar salad ($7, smoked herring dressing)

Porterhouse of pork ($17, famous M. Wells Lugar sauce)

Butter chicken ($16, spicy yogurt, English muffin)

Hamburger ($42, beef & lamb, onion rings, Jersey ketchup)

Maple pie ($6)

Party mix cheesecake ($8)


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  1. this looks like it was an amazing meal. thanks for sharing!


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