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03 July 2010

Calle 9 Deli


[UPDATE: Name has changed from J & E Deli to Calle 9 Deli]

While strolling down Vernon Boulevard, my taco-dar was buzzing like no other time. I did not mean to stop to eat while I was strolling through Ravenswood on my way by bridge to Roosevelt Island, but I could not help but be pulled into the J & E Deli Grocery, even from over a block away.

Sure enough when I got closer there was a hand-written sign advertising tacos made inside. We grabbed a couple stools on the tiny back counter and put in an order for just three tacos de carnitas ($2 each, below) since we were not that hungry. [UPDATE: The little shop is no bigger, but they have removed some grocery items and added a couple tables for seating as the kitchen has become more popular.]

Only one person was working the counter and food preparation on this weekend afternoon, so the guy selling gum and cigarettes was also the one who made our tacos. [UPDATE: As the menu has evolved, a woman now does all the cooking and tasks are separated. On our last visit, the grill was covered by poblano peppers, presumably being charred before placed in their tacos placeros.] In hardly anytime we were presented the platter above, with an above-average green salsa and limes. It took no time to scarf down the tacos and I wished I had more room.


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