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30 June 2010

Eating the World Cup

It has been an absolute pleasure eating this world while the World Cup has been contested. I have used the opportunity to eat with fans from Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Paraguay, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, Brazil, Chile, and Switzerland.

A German fan at Zum Schneider

This is the first day since the beginning of the tournament on June 11th that has seen no matches played, and it does seem as though our city and the world are taking a quick breather before action resumes in the quarterfinals on Friday. Good luck to all the teams remaining, and if you have not done so already, join those fans at their restaurants to add a little more excitement to your World Cup.

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  1. I live on the same block as Zum Scheider and Kafana. You should've gone the morning Germany played Serbia. Wish I was there at the end, when Serbia scored the building shook. Wonder what happened when they all poured out onto the street.

  2. The Serbian fans poured out on the street and brought their flags into Zum Schneider quickly that day before running back out. They were certainly proud. Unfortunately during the next game they could not beat Australia, and I saw a very different look from them as the game ended across the street and they all knew they were going home. Avenue C was a mini-home to that whole group, as just a few blocks north was The Sunburnt Cow, headquarters for the Australia cheering masses.


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