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06 July 2010

Tulcingo Azteca


[UPDATE: Is now called Tulcingo Azteca. On a September 2015 visit, the interior had been nicely renovated and the entire place seems more inviting with it's liquor license and small bar.]

Usually when people ask me what my favorite type of food is, I tell them I hate to have favorites and love variety. Judging purely by where I eat though, it most certainly would lean towards Mexico. This is partly to do with the cuisine's ubiquitousness here in New York, because if Thai food was good in the back of every little Thai grocery (which don't really exist on the East coast in numbers anyways), I am sure I would eat a lot more of it. And so on.

An order of sopes ($10, above) is a mountain of food, three boats that all aspire to be huaraches, oversized from their normal discs to oblong ovals piled high with meat.

When I am in Inwood, 10 times out of 12 I will be headed for the El Dugout Patacon Pisao truck that serves delicious Venezuelan street fare. This time however I was walking down 10th Avenue in Inwood with a semi-empty stomach in search of a new place. El Nuevo Azteca stepped up and filled the void.

The tostada ($2.50, below) was the only food I ordered as I wanted to preserve my stomach for as many stops as possible, but a sign beckoned from the refrigerator case with another offer that was too good to refuse: $1.50 Coronas. This turns out to be the takeout price, as they are $3 on the bill and poured into a styrofoam cup. [UPDATE: With the new liquor license, you can drink out of proper bottles, a Cerveza Victoria runs $3.50]. You can tell a lot from a place's tostada, the beans they use, the quality of queso, the crema. Positive on all accounts here at Azteca, although not mind-blowing.

It must be said though, that this is just a nice place to relax, have a very cheap meal, and enjoy yourselves. They have a full Mexican and American breakfast menu, as well as all the normal antojitos any place should have. Full entrees are available as well, and the cute surroundings peak on the wall where the window to the kitchen and the large television showing novelas compete for attention.

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