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09 June 2010

Where to Watch (and EAT) the World Cup in New York

The World Cup is not ingrained in the very souls of most Americans that grow up here, but it certainly is for the rest of the world. Living in New York City provides a great opportunity to catch this spirit, along with a great excuse to eat a ton of good food. Four years ago I was in Jackson Heights for some Mexico games and found the experience almost as good as being in a stadium in el D.F. cheering on the national team. This year I plan to do it even more, expanding to all the boroughs and all the teams I possibly can.

If you are interested, here are some great locations (obviously not all) that I have called and made sure the games will be on. Of course there are many, many more, please feel free to add your suggestions.

Boca Juniors Argentinean Steakhouse, 8108 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst.
12th vs. Nigeria at 10:00
17th vs. South Korea at 07:30
22nd vs. Greece at 14:30

The Sunburnt Cow, 137 Avenue C, East Village.
13th vs. Germany at 14:30
19th vs. Ghana at 10:00
23rd vs. Serbia at 14:30

Miss Favela, 57 South 5th Street, Williamsburg.
15th vs. North Korea at 14:30
20th vs. Cote d'Ivoire at 14:30
25th vs. Portugal at 10:00.

San Antonio Bakery #2, 3620 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria.
21st vs. Switzerland at 10:00
25th vs. Spain at 14:30
(16th vs Honduras is NOT being shown)

New Ivoire Restaurant, 76 East 119th Street, Harlem.
15th vs. Portugal at 10:00
20th vs. Brazil at 14:30
25th vs. North Korea at 10:00

Papaye, 2300 Grand Concourse, Fordham Hts Bronx.
13th vs. Serbia at 10:00
19th vs. Australia at 10:00
23rd vs. Germany at 14:30

Zum Schneider, 107 Avenue C, East Village.
13th vs. Australia at 14:30
18th vs. Serbia at 07:30
23rd vs. Ghana at 14:30

Omonia Cafe, 3220 Broadway, Astoria.
12th vs. South Korea at 07:30
17th vs. Nigeria at 10:00
22nd vs. Argentina at 14:30

La Orquidea, 500 East 149th Street, Mott Haven Bronx.
21st vs. Spain at 14:30
25th vs. Switzerland at 14:30
(Open at 9am, so no 16th 07:30 game most likely)

The restaurants on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx all thought I was an idiot to think they would open at 10am, so just go to Bar Italia, 1477 2nd Avenue, to get an "authentic" experience I suppose.
14th vs. Paraguay at 14:30
20th vs. New Zealand at 10:00
24th vs. Slovakia at 10:00

KOREA (South):
Baden Baden, 329 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park NJ.
12th vs. Greece at 07:30 (Only place I could find opening early!)
A walk on 32nd Street might find the games on the 17th (07:30) and 22nd (14:30).

Japas 27, 366 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor, Kips Bay.
14th vs. Cameroon at 10:00
19th vs. Netherlands at 07:30
24th vs. Denmark at 14:30

You could probably watch the game on any number of large televisions at Mexican and faux-Mexican restaurants around town, but why not go watch it at a shady dive bar on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights? Options:
Scorpion, 75-16; Café 75 Bar, 75-18;
La Jungla Sports Bar, 78-13; El Abuelo Gozon 79-03
11th vs. South Africa at 10:00
17th vs. France at 14:30
22nd vs. Uruguay at 10:00

BXL Café, 125 West 43rd Street, Midtown.
14th vs. Denmark at 07:30
19th vs. Japan at 07:30
24th vs. Cameroon at 14:30

Nelson Blue, South Street Seaport.
20th vs. Italy at 10:00
24th vs. Paraguay at 10:00
(Will NOT show 15th vs. Slovakia)

Buka, 946 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill.
12th vs. Argentina at 10:00
17th vs. Greece at 10:00
22nd vs. South Korea at 14:30

I Love Py, 43-16 Greenpoint Avenue, Sunnyside.
14th vs. Italy at 14:30
20th vs. Slovakia at 07:30
24th vs. New Zealand at 10:00.

O Lavrador, 138-40 101st Avenue, Jamaica.
15th vs. Cote d'Ivoire at 10:00
21st vs. North Korea at 07:30
25th vs. Brazil at 10:00

Kafana, 116 Avenue C, East Village.
13th vs. Ghana at 10:00
18th vs. Germany at 07:30
23rd vs. Australia at 14:30

Zlata Praha, 28-48 31st Street, Astoria.
24th vs. Italy at 10:00
(First two games at 07:30 will not be available)

Madiba, 195 Dekalb Avenue, Fort Greene.
11th vs. Mexico at 10:00
16th vs. Uruguay at 14:30
22nd vs. France at 10:00

Oliva, 161 East Houston Street, Lower East Side.
16th vs. Switzerland at 10:00
21st vs. Honduras at 14:30
25th vs. Chile at 14:30

Cafe Select, 212 Lafayette Street, SoHo.
16th vs. Spain at 10:00
21st vs. Chile at 10:00
25th vs. Honduras at 14:30

Chivito de Oro, 84-02 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights.
11th vs. France at 14:30
16th vs. South Africa at 14:30
22nd vs. Mexico at 10:00

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