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27 August 2009

[CLOSED] Jamaican Dutchy



I expected a bit larger of a crowd since Jamaican Dutchy had recently been nominated for a Vendy, but there was absolutely no wait on my lucky day. The cart was not carrying oxtail on this day though, nor escovitch chicken.

The interior of this medium-sized cart is hard to peer into, but it seems to be the cleanest in the city, immaculately kept. An electronic ticker above calls out to customers nearby in Times Square, although I suspect that the bulk of the Dutchy's clientele comes from office towers and not tourist buses.

Most meals come in mini, small, and large sizes. Our large jerk chicken meal ($11, below) consisted of four pieces of the bird, a few fried plantains, and a mountain of rice. I could have done with the rice, and the plantains were unfortunately closer to liquid form than solid, but the chicken was very good.

The jerk sauce they use here is phenomenal, but you can tell it is not slow-cooked for a long time. We can give them a pass on this for the sole reason that they are a food cart, but they won't be giving Peppa's a run for their money anytime soon.

The second dish was selected since it was the daily special, but turned out to be mediocre at best. The pepper steak ($9, small meal, below) was dry and lifeless, filled again mostly by rice and a lot of onions.

I have a feeling this cart could be hit or miss sometimes, but sticking with the jerk is probably a safe enough option. Two ladies behind me were destroyed by the news of no oxtail, so it must be made especially well too.

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