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31 July 2009

Peppa's Jerk Chicken


The first place that I ever had jerk chicken was at the famed Danny and Pepper's stand, just across the street and down a block from this place. I tried a few others in the same area and as far east as West New York, but nothing ever brought down D&P's from their rightful place on the thrown. Unfortunately they closed down without warning a few years ago. I don't know the story, but questioning around led a couple to comment that the two had split, and thus was born Peppa's, one half of the original team.

So it took me four or five visits to overcome a prejudice born from the loss of my favorite place, but I have come around. This is the real deal.

The place has a simple layout, the counter divides the ovens and cooks from the hungry masses. Move up in line, order your bird, watch it get hacked, and collect your prize. The $5 small order of jerk chicken is more than enough for two when combined with a couple pieces of $1 festival. Ever since I first tried the stuff, a jerk meal seems incomplete without this sweet bread. It also helps soak up the grease.
The constant stream of customers means the stuff is always hot and fresh (although the festival is admittedly a bit stale on off hours), and usually comes with at least a ten minute wait.

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