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26 August 2009

Fauzia's Heavenly Delights

For such a lofty name, the actual food cart on this busy downtown Bronx corner might disappoint some, as it does nothing to set itself apart visually from others on any street throughout the city. But get close, read the hand-written menu, and taste the food, and "heavenly" will suddenly come into focus.

Arrive no later than 1pm at this popular cart, for the meat dishes start running out, and everything is of limited supply. On my latest visit, the three meat entrees were crossed off the list (at exactly 2pm), and I decided to sample just the lentils and spinach ($3). The vegetables are delicious, spiced in a way that conjures up a jerk sauce. One meat entree and this or another vegetable side is definitely enough for two people to fill their bellies.

Fauzia herself (I'm assuming that is her name) is a charming character, never without a smile and eager to recommend or help despite any lines forming behind you. I'm sure she also brings smiles to the faces of many people who work in the area and have such a great street vendor option.

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