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10 August 2009

Ganesh Hindu Temple Canteen


I first heard about this "mysterious" canteen a few months back when discussing with a friend the delicious Dosa Hutt, a restaurant around the corner. When she asked me if I had ever went to the basement of a nearby Hindu temple to eat in the canteen, I instantly knew the food must be incredible. After all, the patrons of an eating establishment actually inside of a temple would have to demand the finest, or go elsewhere.

The temple canteen did not disappoint. After briefly paying our respects upstairs in the actual temple, it was in the basement where the real gods were the dosas.

There must be at least a dozen varieties of them, but our group tried the pondicherry dosa ($5, above), rava masala dosa ($5.50, below), and mysore masala dosa ($5, not pictured). None are more than $5.50. The pondicherry is especially spicy and left its primary eater reeling for the rest of the evening. The chutneys they serve are simple and amazing, maybe the best I have ever had.

Also strong was the piping hot tomato uttapam ($5, below), a dish similar to a large pancake with its ingredients cooked on top of the batter. This was a good thing to have on the table when our mouths needed respite from the firey dosas.

I also find it amazing that this place is open from 9am through dinner, AND takes any credit card you want to use. Around the corner from the main entrance on Bowne Street, there is a Holly Avenue entrance between a couple other doors. Follow the signs downstairs to descend into heaven for a change.

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