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06 August 2009

Lahore Deli


For my money, better than it's peer Punjabi farther east on Houston. Order from the trays that contain freshly made foods. The conditions have been improved here a year or two ago with an economical renovation, but the concentration is still squarely on the food. Just walk in and ask what is good and let the proprietors do most of the walking.

On offer are usually a couple different curry and meat dishes including lamb and chicken at least, as well as some vegetable dishes with okra and chickpeas. All is recommended. The lamb curry ($6 with rice, below) is always a viable option.

The sweets on offer are entirely too sweet for my tastes, but always never too much financial risk. The carrot cake ($1, below) is super orange and almost entirely sugar, as are its friends it shares a tray with.

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