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11 August 2009

[CLOSED] Rockaway Taco

Tucked away on Beach 96th Street


On a summer day that involves the beaches in the Rockaways, there is no post-sun eatery around the area better than Rockaway Taco. When the sun is setting, the colorful little shack almost seems a little magical with all the plants and vegetables growing on, in, and around the building.

The tacos are nothing to write home about, but for $3 you do get a larger than usual snack. The tortillas come from a package (standard in NYC even at authentic joints/carts), but the vegetables and toppings are all fresh and probably picked on-site. Add a spoon of guacamole for $1 extra to any taco. The board seemed to be erased and written over, so the three available selections might very each day.

Tilapia makes for a tasty fish taco w/ guacamole

They have a small little garden with a few seats, but standing in front and munching while standing is just as pleasurable. The people are friendly, and the whole setting is very chill. And hey, if you need surfing lessons, there is a small bulletin board to find that as well.

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