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25 June 2009

Congee Village


Stepping inside is like entering a palace of gaudy decorations and lighting, all dedicated to the art and consumption of congee, the rice porridge so popular in China and many other Asian countries. It's actually best to enjoy congee for breakfast, starting the day with a hot, thick bowl served with whatever added ingredients are desired. That is a bit more difficult to do in New York City than in China, as there are only a handful of places to drop into. Congee Village is happy to serve you a bowl at any time day or night though.

All but the few premium congee here ranges from $2.75 to $4.95, and with a small appetizer or two make more than enough for a meal.

There is also a smaller location a couple streets away at 207 Bowery, but the Allen Street location seems more sufficient for groups and overall experience. Both locations have a full menu, so your visit is certainly not limited to just congee, but we always find that it is best to drag along at least a group of six to share everything with.

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