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23 June 2009

All American Hamburger Drive-In


It's certainly no drive-in despite what the name says. Let's call it a "drive-up." The parking lot is of generous size and was pretty full when I visited early in the afternoon on a Sunday. What was funny was that most people were in their cars scarfing down hamburgers and fries, treating the place as if it was a drive-in, only going in to make their order and then taking the booty back to the car to eat.

The hamburger and cheeseburger were ridiculously cheap, so I thought it might be more wise to order the "pricier" quarter pounder with cheese ($2.55, below), which turned out to be a decent burger. It is certainly no work of art aesthetically, but the meat seems of very good grade for a fast food joint, while the bun is nothing special but won't detract you.

The fries ($1.75 large, above) here are definite winners, very crispy with a perfect crunch. I suspect that you won't ever be disappointed to receive a burnt or undercooked batch of them, as getting fries in a chain fast food place can be somewhat of a craps shoot. The beauty of washing burgers down with thick milkshakes is somehow lost on most fast food chains as well, but All-American makes a shake that could be in a class with the best, and at $1.65 is most certainly the cheapest around. You have to wait a couple minutes if you plan to use the straw, just as I like it.

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