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26 June 2009

Phở Bang


As the most high-profile Vietnamese chain restaurant in New York, Phở Bang is sort of a dying breed as it's locations in Manhattan have been shuttering in recent years. In my opinion, it's simply because there are better options in the neighborhoods, and cheaper ($1-1.50 average per dish) as well.

I enjoy the bún thịt nướng ($6.25, below) no matter where I eat it usually, and here it is better than average. The grilled pork is marinated just right, and nước chấm (fish sauce with vinegar, water and sugar) makes everything right after all.

At the top of the menu are two "soup as an entree" phở choices. The second, dac biet ($5.95, below) is a simple soup mostly flavored with onion and salt, but decent enough for an enjoyable quick lunch. The beef is pretty raw when it comes out but is thin enough to cook itself in the broth in a matter of seconds.

Most of the patrons here are local Chinese, but that is the case in most New York Vietnamese restaurants. It is still one of the few places where the people serving you are Vietnamese though, if that counts for anything. I would not call them either fast or attentive though, as you won't see them again after your dishes arrive.

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