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09 March 2009

White Bear


It is apparent that in the distant (or not so?) past, there used to be ice cream served at this location, as the awning still fadedly reads "White Bear Ice Cream Yogurt." Inside though, the menu only lists delicious wonton, noodle, and rice dishes, and it is obvious an order of ice cream would get weird looks.

The hodgepodge of tables and card table chairs give the place a quaint charm despite its slight dilapidation. It only takes a few minutes sitting down before you are presented with your order. I went for the favorite wonton with hot sauce ($4.50, below).

The wonton are rolled into little balls, served 12 to a plate, and packed with pork and scallion, then covered with sautéed onions, more scallions, and the oily red sauce. The sauce packs little punch, despite the dish's name, but there is plenty of hot sauce on the table to add if desired.

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