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09 March 2009

Balthazar (Boulangerie)


People will always give high marks to Balthazar, somewhat of a SoHo landmark and constantly in top ten lists, etc. But unfortunately, the French fare here is excessively more expensive than this blog allows for, and I only go near the place to enter the joyously small attached boulangerie. Some of the best drip coffee in the city ($2, large), although there is no place to sit and enjoy it unless you are lucky enough to grab a seat on the one outdoor bench which is usually occupied by SoHo shoppers or tourists.

The place also boasts (and proudly displays) a wide array of beautiful and delicious pastries. Every once in a while it is fun to splurge on a $6 slice of cake or bag of mini cookies. Everything here is made with an obvious skill that few can compete with.

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