19 April 2009

Tacos Matamoros


As long as you are not coming for decorating tips, you should leave this place satisfied. As the name suggest, tacos are king here, two of the grandes ($2.25 or $2.50 each) for almost a meal. All of the choices are safe, but most are served a bit dry and warrant healthy portions of their delicious salsa. To this point, despite the the mundane surroundings and atmosphere, this is one of the top taco spots in Brooklyn.

The other menu item that excels is the cemita ($7, below), a sandwich served on a sesame seed roll and packed with meat, panela cheese, avocado, and salsa. I chose the milanesa de pollo, which was battered, fried, dense, and chewy, perfect for a sandwich.

The beans here are very tasty, so ordering a tostada ($2 or $3) or other dish including them is well worth it.

There is now a second location open further south at 5717 5th Avenue. Same menu.

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