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19 April 2009

Tacos Matamoros


Any "proper" taco trail of Sunset Park will include Tacos Matamoros, and rightly so, the place knows what they are doing. It is constantly full of Mexican families ordering antojitos and platos. I first came here to watch a USA-Mexico fútbol match about ten years ago and was decidedly the only person cheering for the northern neighbor. This was back when friendlies could only be found on Univision, and drastic measures needed to be taken.

As long as you are not coming for decorating tips, you should leave this place satisfied. As the name suggests, tacos are king here, order two of the grandes ($2.50 or $2.75 each) which come smothered in guacamole and qualify as a meal. All of the choices are safe, but most are served a bit dry and warrant healthy portions of their delicious salsa. Offering the chance to sample more, stick to the small D.F. style pequeños ($1.50-1.75 each, below), and add your own salsa and lime.

They do have a proper trompo (spit) for the al pastor meat (above), but take a walk to the back to check if it is currently fired up. If not, you will receive some slightly older meat. When fresh, it is top notch. Also extraordinary no matter what the time is the tripe (below), expertly crispy and full of flavor.

For something crispy, take your meat on a tostada

Chilaquiles verdes con carne asada

Mojarra frita

The other menu item that excels is the cemita ($7.50, below), a sandwich served on a sesame seed roll and packed with meat, panela cheese, avocado, and salsa. I chose the milanesa de pollo, which was battered, fried, dense, and chewy, perfect for a sandwich.

There is now a second location open further south at 5717 5th Avenue. Same menu.


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