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15 April 2009

[CLOSED] Natural Tofu Restaurant



In very diverse Sunnyside exists a small Korean oasis serving above-average dishes away from the Koreatowns of either midtown Manhattan or Flushing. Natural Tofu provides a simple menu which focuses on core dishes and leaves nothing up to chance.

Naturally, I had come to compare their specialty signature dish to my current favorite bowl of boiling amazingness. The first impression was good: $2 cheaper, priced at $7.95. The dish itself was far above average, but still not quite on the level, and will not take the title. Apparently the vegetable version was hit or miss, as one of my companions received a very bland bowl.

Kimchi soft tofu, spicy

All of the banchan were up to par as well, brought out as usual before the meal. Sometimes I feel like the busy restaurants on 32nd Street do not provide a good variety of these tastes, but that was not a problem here.

At our table there was also a lot of satisfaction with the meat dishes as well. The boolkoki ($12, you do not BBQ it yourself) and L.A. Golbi ($13) were both hits and completely devoured. The latter was slightly sweet, an unusual? twist on what I have sampled before. No one was that impressed by the pancakes ($10 each), but they also disappeared by the end of the meal.

I would recommend this place to come with friends to share, and surround yourself with all the banchan and meat dishes you can. It works out very economically, and quite delicious of course.

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