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20 April 2009

Thanh Da


There are two ways to approach a meal at Thanh Da, either trying to secure a table and taking a look at their regular menu, or grabbing a bánh mì for takeout. For the latter, every sandwich is priced at $5.50 except one, which seems to be about the going rate for Sunset Park these days.

An unusually slow day.

Start with the #1 sandwich, the normal bánh mì Thanh Da ($5.50, below), just to sample how the place handles making them. Their wrapper is just a mediocre baguette that is not fluffy and only toasted a bit. Inside the content is more promising. The meats are good, the grilled pork is especially tasty, sweetened to perfection. The sandwich is served very warm and fresh, and should be eaten immediately.

The restaurant always seems crowded with Sunset Park's Chinese population. They serve all the normal items and everything is done at least averagely. The rolls (both cha giò ($3.50 for 4) and goi cuôn ($3.25 for 2)) seem made at least half a day before, but of good ingredients. Their fish and peanut sauces are both up to par.

A very forgettable bowl of pho bo sate.

The owner has opened another location nearby at 5624 8th Avenue.

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