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01 July 2019

Menya Jiro


If you get in a time machine and set it for just ten years ago, ramen had already taken hold in New York City and was very good. Restaurants in Midtown, some even with special post-midnight bowls of noodles, were already giving the city a good name. Many Japanese establishments grouped themselves fairly closely on the east side, not tight enough for a "Little Tokyo" to form, but they effectively served the Japanese-based businesses in Midtown as well as the United Nations.

Especially in the last five years, many chains from Japan have taken notice of how well Ippudo has done as well as all the other ramen shops across town, and began expanding their business to New York City. Good ramen can now be found all over Manhattan, but also in unexpected spots in Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey. So far this flooding of the market has not reached a problem level as demand seems high and people start expecting more from their bowls.

Menya Jiro, a Japanese chain that has arrived in the city less than two years ago after five locations back home, offers ramen originating in Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu. Kyushu's more northern city of Fukuoka is known as the birthplace of tonkotsu ramen, the regional specialty that Menya Jiro also offers. Their special Kagoshima ramen ($16, above and below) is a bowl using traditional methods of pork-based tonkotsu with the addition of chicken broth as well.

The city has taken to their specialty quite rapidly, before opening they competed in (and won) a series of ramen contests and operated pop-up events here and in Greenport, Long Island. These helped make the decision to seek a more permanent space to offer their Kagoshima ramen.

The brand has promptly expanded from their first overseas branch in east Midtown to the Financial District and now here to Downtown Brooklyn for a third location.

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