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26 February 2019

Yi Kou Fu 一口福


Sometimes places just need a little makeover to keep up with modern trends and sensibilities. That seems to be the case here at this Bensonhurst hot pot, which opened in 2018 as a similar concept but never really caught on. A few design changes, a better stage for karaoke, some splashes of neon inside and out, and Yi Kou Fu (一口福) is alive. Those lips you see on the awning above are actually the word for mouth (口) and perform double duty in advertising.

"A Mouthful of Luck" would be the literal translation, and on this snowy evening patrons seemed to be proving this name true. The restaurant is popular more with second generation Chinese rather than first, loud groups of friends sharing draft towers of their juices and non-alcoholic beverages, a novel concept that was on every table. While no one on this night was doing so, beers are also available for the amazing price of $2.25.

While there are items available a la carte, everyone is coming here for the all-you-can-eat hot pot and bbq for $23.95 per person. The "bbq" is done in the back, and these skewers can be safely avoided, but the hot pot itself, if you come hungry, is a decent bargain. Here are a few scenes from a recent night:

After dinner, plan to lose back some of those calories by belting out some karaoke on stage. Just watch out for the folks with full bowls of spicy oil from the sauce and condiment bar.

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