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01 October 2018



NewYorktlán 2018 was billed as the "largest celebration of culture and traditions of indigenous migrant communities living in our city," and was full of music and dance as well as workshops that anyone could join. These included weaving and handicrafts and were very popular among the younger generations of children that probably have lived their entire lives here in New York City.

There was also a sense of advocacy throughout, the emcee constantly reminded everyone in attendance of the importance of people working in both countries to smooth the process of migration and make sure it was by choice instead of necessity.

Many of the performers came to New York City for the festival from their homes in México, in many cases for the first time in their lives. These showcases of indigenous culture were the true focal point of the day.

A vast open space within the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden was surrounded by stands full of food, handicrafts and other items for sale, and advocacy groups working here in the city and in México.

Quite a few food vendors were feeding everyone. I picked up these three enchiladas de mole ($5, below) which were prepared in someone's home and brought to the event. Most of the foods available were not different than the usual fare that you might find here in the city, but it appeared it was all of very high quality and homemade.


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