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30 September 2018

La Pequeña Tienda & Deli


From across the street La Pequeña hides behind a tree in summer, but get close and it is clear they want to make sure the neighborhood knows about the foods prepared within. A list of some of them is visible above, but take a menu and you will see the kitchen is prepared to cook you all manner of breakfasts, antojitos, and platos.

It appears like most of the nearby residents up here on Corona's eastern reaches of Northern Blvd know about La Pequeña, as it has been quite busy each time I dropped by. The main customer here seems to be single men coming in for the $8 lunch special, an order that gives you a pick of entree from the steam table, rice, beans, and an agua fresca. On weekends, there are tacos placeros, barbacoa, and tamales.

The small place also does a brisk grocery business and has deli meats and cheeses sold by weight, all making it a bit difficult to squeeze in and put in an order sometimes. Once you succeed, the lady takes your cash and calls the order back to the kitchen. 10 minutes later the bell dings and she'll bring it around to you at one of the few tables if you plan to stay.

If there is an antojito or plate named after the place or a house special, I often like to try it first to get a sense of the place. This first order of a Cemita La Pequeña ($9.50, above) followed this method, the namesake sandwich which definitely is not pequeño. The meats on this sandwich are carne enchilada and thinly sliced ham, combined with queso, peppers, and beans.

The bread here (cemita) is especially good, it looks like they get a nice selection of breads everyday from a nearby bakery.

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