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24 August 2018

San Antonio Farm & Grocery


It takes a bit of maneuvering, but pass the groceries and head to the back to find a weekend taco market from Friday to Sunday. A big flat screen and a shelf of products does well to hide the chef in the back and his small table of offerings. The house specialties seem to be chile relleno tacos and barbacoa.

On a weekend afternoon there is bound to be a Barcelona or Madrid match on the television and a few guys watching it. Enjoy your meal while soaking this all in, knowing that you have done well just to be here in the first place.

On a first visit, the bright shiny red chorizo (below) attracted us, and like the rest of the tacos has a heap of guacamole on top all for $3. The sausage itself is fantastic and leaves you wanting more, so maybe just order two from the beginning.

"Have you ever tried goat?"

After finishing that first day and asking what else I should try, the proprietor asked me if I knew what barbacoa was and said he has it about every other weekend. Unfortunately I keep coming on the wrong weekend.

The highlight of this place regardless of how you feel about the actual taco is the chile relleno ($4, below).

You will often find a chile relleno on a big taco placero with its bed of rice and gut busting qualities, but this is simply the pepper stuffed with cheese, breaded, and fried and placed on the tortilla. Take a couple bites and behold the beautiful queso inside the slightly spicy pepper.

The winner of the whole ordeal here might just be the delectable pernil ($3, below), slow roasted pork shoulder that needs absolutely nothing to spice it up after whatever marinade they put it through. I actually knived off the guacamole from this taco so that I could enjoy the meat more purely.

The table only has about four seats, but most people come and go quickly and there is usually room. The standard feeling here is sleepy, so even if the seats are taking you can mill around and wait for something to free up without feeling cramped. If you require salsas and lime, everything is right there as well as some grilled jalapeños and radishes.

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