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09 August 2018

Sagara Restaurant


There is an unfortunately high turnover rate at 98 Victory Boulevard. The short-lived BLVD Café reported about here in late 2015 closed the next year and gave way to Shiranti, which actually may have never opened. Now a bright yellow awning announces the latest restaurant to take on this location, Sagara, which opened four months ago.

A first look at it is optimistic, real care is being taken in the kitchen and the food is going to rival other Staten Island favorites. The $12.99 buffet seemed to be attracting Sinhalese speakers during this weekday afternoon visit. Not much has went into decorating the space other than a coat of pink paint on the walls, but this should come in time if the restaurant is a success.

The Sagara appetizer sampler ($7.50, above) is a good way to get started and was surprising in just how tasty it was. Normally a walk through this area is impossible to do without the purchase of some of these fried bites at New Asha up the hill. This plate was satisfying enough to render that unnecessary, but certainly return visits up to this favorite chef will still be frequent. Especially impressive was the fish cutlet, the long tubular selection. Two chutneys (and an insultingly large portion of ketchup!) are served with the plate, both of which are strong.

The influence of Dutch during their colonial period in Sri Lanka is perhaps most evident in lamprais ($12.99, above and below), adapted from the Dutch word meaning "packet of food." The packet in this case is a carefully constructed spread of banana leaves in which traditionally the whole thing is baked. Nowadays you are more likely to find the leaves added afterwards, but it still provides a fun presentation and reveal when opened.

The dish always consists of rice, at least one meat, and curry. Here at Sagara, the liquid component is light so the rice at the bottom still remains untouched while floating above it are the caramelized onions and meat. Chicken was chosen for this version, a good option and very tender.

Sitting next to the cooler, the brownish-pink tone of a wood apple yogurt drink ($3.99, below) stood out next to the usual mango lassis. When ordered, the cup went to the back and was presumed forgotten, but actually shows up with an added scoop of ice cream, in case the deal was not already sweet enough.

Wood apple is actually a citrus fruit and does have bitterness when found on its own, but this drink is well-sweetened and almost looses that entirely. It is a fun deviation from the mango lassi, but does the same job filling your stomach before the foods come out unfortunately.

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