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12 August 2018

Antojitos Mexicanos at Horchata Deli


In and around the capital of México, you will see stacks of pambazos being prepared here and there, for sale as another type of antojito. Typically, they are found with a filling of potatoes mixed with chorizo and some other sandwich fillings similar to a torta. The whole thing is then dipped in guajillo pepper sauce, which gives it the trademark red glow.

Here at this small stand which seems like an annex to the corner deli, a fun menu includes these (also available with tinga) and a focus on tacos placeros and quesadillas made Mexico City style. Order from the stand and grab a seat inside, where they will call you to the window or the plate might just arrive at your table if things are not too busy.

Interior of the pambazo $6.50

Order from the stand outside.

We will be back to try those tacos placeros and as much of the rest as possible.

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