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18 January 2017

Berlin Currywurst


When you live in Sunset Park and multiple sources keep broadcasting the city's best tacos to be inside of Chelsea Market, it is hard not to feel both painful laughter and painful rage at the same time. Finally though recently, there was a trip and it was all flushed from the system. I tried all the tacos (shrug), I tried the hummus (pretty good but I can get to Bay Ridge easily so...), I tried some other garbage. The only thing with merit is the currywurst at Berlin Currywurst.

Ever since the closure of Wechsler's Currywurst in the East Village, it is a dish sorely lacking in the city. Some renditions are around town but fall flat, even in good environments. Here at Chelsea Market, the environment is not terrific, but the dish is done right. Berlin Currywurst is originally from Los Angeles, but has recently set up another shop here offering a fairly compact list of options, something of a necessity for this market.

Dive straight in and make one with the original style bratwurst and original curry sauce ($8, below), served with bread. The menu lets you dictate your sausage and your sauce, so follow your original with the käse (filled with cheese) on your second visit. Curry spice levels can be adjusted as well, and 3 out of 4 was already giving great kick.

Add a side of fries for $5 (above), knowing that one of life's simple pleasures is dipping one in both good curry sauce and mayonnaise, which is available in a squeeze bottle.

Most importantly, the little stand has a beer and wine license, and two German drafts. Sausage and beer is not rocket science, but it kind of is at the same time.

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