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11 November 2009

[CLOSED] Wechsler's Currywurst Bratwurst



Herr Wechsler has brought a much-needed food and atmosphere to New York City that is proven every night by the regular Germans and others that frequent this tiny spot in the East Village. The fast food style sausages and currywurst is a welcome respite from the other German eating establishments around town, that remain a bit stuffy and proper.

A summer breeze runs through the place when the doors are open, as the smells exit to the street and interest most passersby. Wechsler's is run with a keen German efficiency, but keeps a welcoming smile and relaxed nature.

There is no better way to start your sampling than with the currywurst ($7, below), a pork and veal sausage sliced up, served with shoestring fries and covered in a tomato-based curry sauce and some curry powder.

The menu does not stop there, as standard bratwurst shares the menu with wild boar, lamb, merguez, and a chicken & apricot sausage (all $7, served with a roll and delicious German spicy mustard). All are worth a try, but without the fries are less food than the currywurst and require one of the authentic sides of German potato salad, kale, or sauerkraut ($4 each). The sauerkraut is rated off the charts by those who like the dish, while the kale is my favorite, stewed with bacon and onions.


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