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01 January 2015

Nablus Sweets


I would expect more sweets vendors on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge, a street dominated by Middle Eastern shops and restaurants. The community apparently only needs one full place though, and that is Nablus. The shop is run by a Palestinian family, but baklava is similar through the region so to my taste, I cannot distinguish it from a Syrian place.

Nablus advertises a kenefa that they seem to be known for, a popular sweet cheese dessert. We came for baklava though, priced by weight. I asked for $10 worth (the last bill in my pocket), and noticed the plate above came out to $11 and change when he weighed it, but was given the upgrade without hesitation.

After visiting what was probably the best sweets shop in the world, it is easy to notice slight variations in quality when eating other baklava. The pieces here are very syrupy, as the honey all settles down at the bottom, making for a very sticky and heavy snack. That being said, this tray came home with me and I had no trouble finishing it all. My Latin American eating comrade also gobbled everything up in front of her. We give our blessing.

Nablus Sweets Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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  1. Baklava is very famous dessert item in our Dubai. As we all know it is an Turkish food but I have to say the taste of baklava is just amazing. baklava with pistachios is also very famous among the people in Dubai. And thank you author for sharing this amazing blog about baklava.


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