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08 November 2013

Luna Bakery


[UPDATE: Luna has unfortunately stopped selling their beautiful baklava to walk-in customers. You can find their creations at nearby Sultan, or they will take catering orders]

The bright orange awning outside is a bit off-putting to the casual food explorer, but thankfully I was amongst some people in the know about the wonders inside this Syrian bakery. From the moment we walked in, we were treated like family by everyone inside. The guy running the show kept handing us pieces to nibble on as he put together the assortment below, a mixture of filo-rolled pastries that came to $16.50 after weighing.

While munching, we were also entertained by his description of the process they go through and what normal shortcuts they avoid at this shop. If you have ever eaten sweets like this, you know one or two is likely your limit because of all the honey and syrup that collects at the bottom of the treat, but these are carefully drained and we got to see a couple sheets that were going through different stages of this process. He was proud of his work, and also told us this benefits in price for the customer as well, since you did not have all that extra weight at the bottom.

While we all looked on in awe, he kept offering more bites, my favorite of which was an excellent date cookie (pictured below). After a while we started feeling embarrassed by all the free stuff, but he wrote it off to tradition, explaining even people coming in and not purchasing anything are treated this way, explaining the inner-workings of karma.

For my money, this shop is the best pastries of this type that you can find in the area.

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