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27 September 2013

The Chipper Truck


For the longest time, I have been sitting on a collection of ugly dark photos from Woodlawn Heights, taken after midnight when the Chipper Truck hits the street. When the Chipper recently showed up at Viva la Comida!, a Queens food and culture festival, I finally got a photo of it in the daylight. It's like catching a vampire roaming around during the day.

In its normal habitat on Katonah Avenue in the Bronx, this chip van sets up very late at night for the Irish community enjoying the plentiful local bars on the main strip of the neighborhood. You will not find it if you come before midnight.

The truck is run by a husband and wife team, her from Ireland and him from Mexico. Most nights you will find them both in the truck cooking and taking orders.

When I visit the Chipper Truck, I get chips. They also serve all range of greasy food that sounds great, but I make it here so rarely that I eat a plateful of chips smothered in gravy almost every time. A plate of large curry chips sets you back $6 and is plenty to stave off that hangover tomorrow. Irish curry is entirely sweet and soaks into the chips perfectly. Make sure to grab a fork, because this is definitely not finger food.

They make the chips in a variety of ways, one of which is the popular taco chips ($7, below). Ground beef, shredded cheese, and Thousand Island dressing top this one, exactly what you put on your tacos, right?

Coleslaw chips ($4, below) and curry coleslaw chips ($6) are also available, if you would like a few vegetables on your plate. At any rate, it is great to get up here with a few friends so that you can sample a variety of chip plates.

I really love this place, and have no chance to get tired of it solely because of its elusiveness. It is definitely worth renting a car with friends and hanging out in Woodlawn for an evening. It is open seven days a week.

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