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28 September 2013

Reyes Deli & Grocery


Reyes has a small grill that caters to the breakfast and lunch crowd, North American style. Three of four pages of their menu are devoted to this typical deli fare, but on the back is the small list of Mexican food that most people seem to come here for. The list of available ingredients is short, as is the list of four items: tacos, huaraches, quesadillas, and tortas.

There is a small counter with four seats behind the grill, just enough space for a few eaters. Most people come here for takeout anyways. The music is festive and plenty of drinks are on offer in the refrigerators, although unfortunately no alcohol can be drank on the premises.

The tacos (below) are all $2.25. We tried both the chorizo and carne enchilada, which are both sprinkled with onions and cilantro. Limes and salsa are controlled by the man behind the counter, but you can take as much as you want. The big green vat of salsa is basically self-serve once he offers it up, and is on point.

Both these meats (nothing out of the ordinary is available here, unfortunately) are very strong, well-spiced and moist. The tortillas are dry and tend to be far from fresh.

The huarache ($6, below) had no beans within the fresh thin tortilla or on top, which made me wonder about its definition. The good news was that the carnitas that topped it was very good and moist. Saturday carnitas are a special thing, even though it was Friday. Like usual, they are topped with lettuce, tomato, and powdered cheese. We chose again the green salsa and were handed the bottle of crema to put that on ourselves.

All in all, Reyes is pushing the front of good tacos north from Sunset Park up to 14th Street, the furthest advance so far. And don't forget, you can also get delicious weekend tamales here for $1.50 each.

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