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06 July 2012

Pupuseria Salvadoreña


[UPDATE: The restaurant has upgraded its location to 1824 Westchester Avenue, just a couple blocks away]

I think the city is really fortunate to have a wave of Salvadoran eateries pop up in the past ten years or so, you can usually find one when you're in a Latin American neighborhood. Popping in for a simple pupusa lunch is such an economically viable option, which could barely be more delicious.

$2.50 here buys you any one of a number of varieties of pupusa: chicharron, queso, frijoles y queso, and loroco. As always, I went for three when I should have went for two. It is simply impossible for me to eat three of these big dense discs, and the versions here are even larger than normal.

The loroco, always my preference, is loaded with the plant in high volume.

The spicy green salsa they make here is excellent, and combined with the simple curtido makes a perfect topping. After finishing almost two and packing up the third for later, I was ready to call this restaurant one of the top purveyors in the city. It is also a pleasant place for a meal, a small homely little dining room with memories from back home and friendly service.

The old storefront on St. Lawrence.


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