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23 June 2012

Salvadorean Deli & Restaurant


When I come across the breadth of Central American cuisine available in different parts of New Jersey, I get a little jealous each time. Salvadoran food of course leads the pack as always, and good pupusas can be found in so many places.

One such place is in a very humble Englewood building at a fairly busy intersection. If you are lucky enough to find parking, walk into the place with its blaring television and read the list of available pupusa choices on the wall.

I should know better. Three is always too much.

There is a small preparation area and kitchen, six tables and a counter, along with plenty of decor from back home.

Throw a bunch of the cabbage curtido on top to give a nice sour kick to the savory discs. A pupusa with beans and chicharron will set you back a cool $2, while an extra 25 cents will get you one with cheese and loroco, always my personal favorite.

Explore Bergen County as much as possible if you have the chance, and let the people from all over Latin America give New Jersey a better name for itself than it gets on the beaches.


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