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01 May 2012

El Gauchito Carniceria y Parrillada


El Gauchito is somewhat of a wonderland, with a meat store, fantastic parrillada, and general souvenir shop. For Argentineans I have spoken with in the city, it seems to be the go-to location, at least for those that don't mind leaving Manhattan. When you walk in, the place is with mate cups, colorful tiling, and all sorts of maps and merchandise hanging from everywhere.

Straight to the rear you will find a fresh meats counter, from which you will hear the sound of butchering throughout your entire meal. The dining rooms are simple, yet festively decorated affairs, perfect for a casual meal in a large or small group.

To begin, they bring you some delicious bread and a free plate of cheese-covered ham and tomatoes, which is garnished with a delicious herb sauce. If it was not free, we probably would have ordered another.

Empanadas provide another good way to get the taste buds going.

The parrilladas are all more than you can eat. Always order less than the people you have. This plate below was listed for two people but was too much for the three of us to tackle. As is tradition, you should start by eating the chorizos and morcilla (blood sausage). Everything on the plate tastes like it has been marinated and slow cooking for a year. Outstanding.

The desserts will not disappoint you either!

The place is covered in unique tiling.

These youngsters sure were enjoying themselves.

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  1. Wow this place looks great, very unique and the photos of the food is making my mouth water. Do you ever review places in Long Island?

  2. Have reviewed a few, and always open to suggestions if you have one. Thanks!


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