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07 March 2012

Picnic Garden BBQ Buffet


Not too long ago, I found myself in the tiny enclave of Metuchen, NJ, just northeast of larger Edison, a town in New Jersey known for a large South Asian community and a lot of great food. With a little time on my hands, I decided to take a walk down the Lincoln Highway until I started seeing some good choices to eat at. Unfortunately most of this route had little sidewalk to offer and was primarily the realm of corporate office parks and fast food chains. In 45 minutes or so I passed one other pedestrian, and we gave each other an inaudible head bob in salute of our feats.

After about four kilometers though, my spirits lifted at the sight of a good looking Indian restaurant that unfortunately was closed. As I continued down the street in anticipation of things to come, I came to a brand new shopping center that contained a shiny H-Mart and what you see above, a buffet style Korean BBQ joint that also has a location in Flushing.

I was not expecting Korean food this day, or craving it actually, but the sight of this was something I could not refuse, and the weekday rate of $15.99 weekday lunch rate seemed very economical, as anyone faced with the final bill of a large BBQ outing in K-Town can attest to.

The restaurant opened in Autumn 2011 and still was very new when I visited. The friendly staff seated me alone at a large table meant for at least six and turned on my personal BBQ. With a wave of the hand in the direction of the buffet, you are basically left to your own devices to choose what you want.

I definitely ate too much meat on this day, but had to take two trips since I do not make it out to Edison on a daily basis. All of the usual suspects are here for the taking, and all of it is actually quite good. The kimchi rubbed and soaked meats are delicious, the bulgogi excellent.

It's fun because despite the fact that it is a self-service buffet, once you bring everything back to your table, someone inevitably shows up and starts putting it on the grill and adjusting temperatures as necessary. They return to flip things and cut things, and make sure you cook it right.

Be aware that the above price is only a weekday lunch offer, and prices are adjusted for dinner and weekends. Expect $24.99 for weekday dinner and $27.99 on weekends.

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Picnic Garden BBQ Buffet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. This place sounds delicious I am gonna have to check it out!


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