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04 May 2011

[CLOSED] Taquería La Casa del Idolo



At most times of day, the brick and mortar location of La Casa del Idolo is pretty sleepy, makes you feel lazy even. It probably does a lot more business through their trucks, which you can see being loaded up in the mornings here. At night the windows of the shop give way to a neon glow, and at all times you can expect some TV novelas to be on full blast inside.

I like this place. They have the normal rundown of antojitos and a few full plate dishes. Some soups on weekends, etc. What you come to expect from no-frills Mexican in the city. The tacos ($2.50, below) here are big, and on a recent visit came pre-dolloped with an avocado salsa.

Go for the taco arabe ($3, below), which seems to be a specialty of the place. Originally an invention of Middle Eastern immigrants in Puebla, the taco now has numerous adaptations, but all use a schwarma-like pork and are decently spicy.

Inside the arabe.

The tostada ($2.50) below is covered with tinga, a spicy chicken option that makes any antojito delicious. Their tinga is some of the best I have ever had.

Covered in delicious crema and queso, the huarache ($5, below) is quite large and requires two paper plates. The beans are not baked into the tortilla in this version, but rather smothered across it before the other toppings.

Skip the trucks and go right to the source in Elmhurst!

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