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16 May 2011

[CLOSED] Santa Anita Deli Grocery



On the exterior, there was really only one small indication of the deliciousness inside, in a sign for tamales. Otherwise the deli was making breakfast sandwiches and cold cut lunches like any other place, but I used this clue to enter and find a large selection of tortas, as well as tacos and quesadillas. This is the world of the Mexican run deli-groceries in town, they are rewarding many times over.

The torta ($5.75, below) is a good selection, a large example of Mexico's favorite sandwich. Go with the chipotle addition when he asks if you prefer it, and pile it with everything. The example you see below is a milanesa de pollo, and comes smothered with chipotle, queso blanco, avocados, lettuce, beans, and more.

The tacos (below) are large and $2.50 each. The list of ingredients is smaller than most places, but you have most of the favorites. The proprietor of the shop will tell you that the tongue is great, and he is probably right, but on this day I chose suadero for something more tender.

I was not expecting such a big one when I received the quesadilla ($6.50, below), which is not your average street food variety. Of the three items, it is the least interesting though, a bit on the greasy side.

Every takeout order is treated specially. You receive a "gift bag" of green and red salsa, as well as sour cream, limes, and radishes, everything you might want to garnish your tacos if you were dining in a restaurant.

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